Shopping, Drinking & Jack's Wife Freda

Since the holidays, I've been fairly regimented with my schedule, spending the better part of most nights hibernating, and pretty much just taking it down a few notches. Then, in an awesome, recent twist of events, I got a promotion at work! Naturally, it gave me a burst of energy for the weekend and I wanted to celebrate. While my boyfriend Matt was out of town, I had no problems making a girl’s night of the celebrations and recruited the attendance of my dear friend Taylor (the one who lives right above me.) Unfortunately, when Friday came, it was Tundra-like outside. The frigid temperatures and just the overall drain from the long week had left us without much motivation. So, we decided that the next day, we would do a full girl’s day out.  And in the end, it was a way better choice!

Here was our off-the-cuff itinerary:

In the morning, I woke up feeling super refreshed. Taylor went for a run, but I decided that a solid blow-out and a stroll to Magnolia Bakery would be more than enough of a workout for me. I indulged in a chai latte, which Magnolia  makes wonderfully  and had a cupcake for breakfast because I am a princess, god damn it, and the food pyramid isn’t going to ruin my perfect day.

I then walked up Columbus Ave., marveling as I passed all the luxury, high-end stores and pricey boutiques, and subsequently bought nothing. Like, yes, I got a promotion - but it was more of a “hey, now you can buy yourself lunch a few times a week without feeling guilty” rather than “go splurge on that totally plain $400 shirt.” Seriously, who buys a $400 shirt? Why do they even exist? And does it really work magic on the buyer’s self-esteem? I have so many questions.

Anyway. I finally found my home base at the thrift shop, which is really just a fancy way of saying I shop at Goodwill. But you know what the thing is about Goodwill? They get clothes from the neighborhood they’re in, generally. So, if you happen to live near several trump towers and wealthy Upper West Siders as I do, the local Goodwill is kind of a gold mine. It definitely was for me, and I left with some pretty fabulous pieces, including an all-white, velvet baby-doll tee.  Again, princess.

Taylor and I then made our way down to Soho around 2PM and put our names in at Jack’s Wife Freda for brunch. There are some places in NYC that you go to and expect to wait, so you plan to have a “waiting activity.” Jack’s Wife Freda is one such place. We strolled around the made-for-a-girls-day area for a bit and then parked it at Gatsby bar. There, we kicked off the afternoon with a delicious spicy Bloody Mary, crafted up by the bartender, Jackie, who had really nice skin, in case you were wondering. 

When we returned to JWF an hour later, we were seated in this little nook area and enjoyed a delicious spread that also included a carafe of white wine, because why not.

Afterward, we trudged over to the Lower East, stopping at Libation, a bit more of a high-energy brunch spot, for a friend's birthday. Two large mimosas later, Taylor went down for a nap and I peeled off to the 8th floor gallery at West 52nd for a delightfully mixed art exhibition, which included Leslie Sardinias' work.

After a brief respite, we met back up at Norwood Club in Chelsea and dAnCeD tHe NiGht AwaY until I sufficiently sweat through my velvet top. I then slept for 14 hours & we all lived happily ever after...


The Local Tourist: NOHO

With the season calm and the streets free of too many visitors, it's about that time for a new 'Local Tourist' post. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend the night out in Noho, first catching a show at The Public Theatre and then dining out at trend-lover's hot spot, ACME. Check out the review below!

The Public Theatre "Here Lies Love"

Did you know that David Byrne from Talking Heads and Fatboy Slim collaborated on an album-turned-play about former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos? Yeah, me neither. While I can't claim to be a complete die-hard fan, I must say that I have never heard a Talking Heads song I didn't like. They're one of those bands that come on and I think to myself: why don't I listen to this more regularly? Needless to say, I was excited to see the show. The verdict? Catchy, edgy and undeniably unique.

The first 10 minutes or so admittedly feel a bit contrived, but perhaps that's more of an issue of suspension of disbelief on the part of the audience member than a responsibility of the cast. Once you emotionally delve into the immersive nature of the production, it is a consuming experience in the best way possible. We were gifted with seats overlooking the show below which, to me, was the way to go. I've done General Admission immersive theatre before at Fuerza Bruta and - again, for me, it detracts from the experience because you can't fully allow yourself to enjoy the show when you're constantly being prodded around and told where to stand (Plus, Fuerza Bruta makes your neck hurt). Unless we're talking Sleep No More where the audience has legitimate free reign of the place, I'm just not a personal fan of on-the-floor immersion.

In sum, Here Lies Love is an emotional performance that takes the audience on an informative and intentional escapade of rock-worthy song and dance. 


Located a convenient two blocks away, ACME is a trendy foodie's paradise. The atmosphere has a chic warmth to it and the service was welcoming. The crispy salmon skin and the foie gras small plates do a terrific job delivering savory flavor, as does the richly satisfying mushroom risotto. Whether ACME shines brighter on its plates or in its glasses is a tough call, though. Their carefully crafted cocktails feel just as much like a work of art as the food does. From the Bourbon Smash to my Salted-caramel Bourbon Hot Chocolate, every sip and bite felt like a true treat. 

While Here Lies Love is no longer running (at least, for the time being) you can always check out The Public Theater's schedule for the latest shows. And in case you're interested, it looks like ACME's already got their Valentine's Day menu up ;).


5 Ways to Cure the Winter Blues

I love living in the Northeast. I would never give up the changing of the seasons. However, I’ve always had a strange romance with winter – I think the cold builds character, encourages introspectiveness and fosters a sense of anticipation and appreciation for what’s to come with warmer days. But it also… well, it also can kinda suck. As someone who is often strongly influenced by her surroundings, the weather plays a big role in my life. I may not fully suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but too many consecutive gray days and I definitely start getting weird. And I don’t think I’m alone, here.

Luckily, this whole “shitty weather = shitty mood” phenomenon is a known thing and there’s a lot of research on it. Below, I’ve taken a few tried and true methodologies and turned them into specific tips on how to legitimately cure those winter blues!

Have some tricks of your own? Share them in the comments below! 

1.       Get Silly

I was recently walking down the street and saw this little kid jamming the f-ck out.  I mean, his mother had him by one hand, sure – but the rest of his body was like an out-of-tune-yet-somehow-rhythmic machine. Best of all, you could tell he was nothing short of ecstatic about it. Do you remember what that was like? Just being totally PSYCHED over the smallest thing and immediately expressing it? It was awesome. Weird, yes. But also awesome. So while I obviously can’t recommend you go full-child in public, I do recommend you do a little dancing every day. Doing the dishes? Why not work in a little ‘robot’? Can’t get out of bed in the morning? Audible to the worm. Just lighten up, work a little silliness into your everyday, and get movin’! 

2.       Let there be light!

You know what’s a bummer? Darkness. And in the winter, we tend to get a surplus of it. Unfortunately, many of us spend most of our waking, daylight hours behind a computer screen, away from any semblance of the sun. However, simply rolling up your bedroom blinds can be an easy way to bring a little happiness into your day, first thing. Allowing as much natural light into our space as possible has also proven to help us sleep more in tune with our circadian rhythms, thus maximizing our energy. If you’re still down in the dumps, look into light box therapy, which the NIH recommends for those affected by SAD. 

3.       Take a break, go for a stroll…

Countless studies have shown that intermittent exercise breaks from work improve mood. Personally, I would advise everyone workout in some capacity at least 3-4 times a week. But even if you don’t hit the gym daily, just going for a simple 10-15 minute walk during your lunch break can improve your mood. Now, I KNOW you’ve seen this tip on other “how to not be miserable” lists, but have you actually tried it? Or, more likely, do you just sit at your computer and google something innocuous to pass the time in between doing actual work? That’s what I thought. If you genuinely try giving this a shot, I guarantee you’ll reap some benefits.

4.       CALL YA MOTHA

This woman gifted you with LIFE… so you should probably give her a ring every now and then. But really, talking with anyone who is a close family member or friend is a natural way to raise dopamine and serotonin levels. Hearing the voice of a loved one, if only briefly, can pull us out of our own heads for just enough time to provide some much needed perspective.

5.       Go ahead, have a drink…

But with someone. Even though hibernating for 48 hours every weekend in the winter seems like the right thing to do, being (selectively) social is still important. So, go out for a drink with friends! And newsflash: said drink doesn’t have to be alcohol-based. I'll defer to Tasting Table's divine list of Dryuary Mocktails to steer you in the right direction. Mocktails like the carefully crafted French Lemonade from Narcissa or Grace Street's sweet-potato take on the traditional Hot Toddy will have you sipping and satisfied, sans any of the booze. Of course, there's always hot chocolate as well!


Riding the Subway: DOs and DONTs

Oh the New York City subway...

DON’T get on the empty cart when every other cart is full. It’s not a gift. It’s a trap.

DO hold your breath and shut your mouth if you happen to be on the smelly cart. Everyone knows it’s rough on there and no one needs to hear you complain about it.  Switch at the next stop and be grateful that you have a shower to go home to.

DON’T pre-walk. There’s always somebody on a packed train who feels the need to alert everyone that she’s “getting off at this stop and so please if you could excuse me I’d like to annoyingly wiggle my way to the door while the train is still moving, thank you.” Look, lady, have you ever seen someone get stuck on the train? I didn’t think so. Wait your turn.

DO help tourists get to where they’re going. We were all city first-timers at some point.

DON’T be the reason the doors keep opening. Squeezing onto a sardine-packed happy hour train so poorly that your butt/bag is blocking the doorway is not only uncomfortable but totally unnecessary. This is New York, not D.C.. Another train will be here within 5 minutes.

DO feel okay about picking up your phone for a quick “hey I’m underground – call you right back.” Less than 5 seconds on the phone = no harm, no foul.

DON’T feel okay beginning a full conversation and then yelling “Hello!? Hello are you there? Oh shit, I lost him” into the phone when you inevitably lose service. No sympathy.

DO give up your seat for the elderly, pregnant women and people traveling with small children. Even if you aren’t sure they’d want it, it’s never wrong to at least offer.

DON’T put your purse or belongings on the seat next to you when the train is crowded. If they can’t fit on your lap and you’re grossed out by the floor, welp, you should’ve got an uber, bitch.

DO keep the conversation to a minimum volume. It's great that you don't mind sharing every juicy moment from the night before with your friends, but everyone and their mother (or, in many cases, their child) do not need to be made privy to such details.

DON’T put your make-up on. Everyone is getting second-hand anxiety waiting for you to poke your eye out when the train inevitably stops short. Spackle at home, ladies.

DO use HopStop for navigation, because duh.

DON’T count on it for precise timing, though.

And finally...

DO slide your subway card swiftly through the turnstile. C'mon. We know you can do it.


CrossFit: What It's Really Like

Oh, CrossFit. Who doesn't have an opinion about it? By now, we've all seen enough 'personal best' Facebook statuses to know that the acronym "WOD" stands for "Workout Of the Day." We've also all likely seen at least one status lambasting the program followed by a string of comments so vitriol-fueled it makes us think "this is definitely not a thread I'm getting involved in." After all, the good people of Facebook do not play when it comes to their fitness talk. 

Moral of the story? CrossFit is popular, regardless of which way you view it. And it's not going anywhere any time soon. So, in order to provide a fuller picture, naturally I had to go check it out myself. 

While home for Christmas break recently, I decided to visit our local CrossFit gym with my friend Erica for a trial (again, this is my previously-introduced friend, better known as "Quik Chek Chick." I shouldn't have to tell you this.) After a wild, Asian-driver-induced detour, Erica and I made it Ocean CrossFit with a few minutes to spare before class. We strolled in, lattes in tow, looking super hard. Time to get swoll.

Since we were newcomers, Ryan (one of the owners) stuck with us the entire class, helping us with various technique modifications and assuring us that if we were to actually sign-on full time, there would be an "on-ramp" program that helped us learn every move and feel comfortable according to our own strengths, injuries etc. Um, really? To me, this indicated a high sense of quality.

I mean, I've taken yoga, pilates, boot-camp, spin classes - you name it - and never have I been individually walked through an entire class let alone a full program in the interest of safety and precision. And if you think that's because those classes are less injury-prone, you're kidding yourself. You know how the saying goes: big tree-pose fall hard.


The class was broken into three parts: a warm-up, a technique/skill, and then the WOD. For the warm-up we did a few sets of burpees and thrusters. For the technique, we did this thing called a "power snatch" which admittedly sounds like the name of a demon vagina, but don't worry. It's not. Then, for the WOD, we did "Fran" which consists of 3 sets of 21-15-9 reps of thrusters and pull ups. Since it's difficult to explain, I'll just show you the video of me crushing it at the last CrossFit games in '12. My hair was shorter at the time.

It's important to note that Fran does NOT have to look like that in real life. Erica, myself (and many other folks at the gym) took a series of breaks during the first set of 21 thrusters. As for the pull-ups, we both did different modified versions.

The verdict? CrossFit was a challenging, full-body workout that, if anything, parallels a bootcamp class, only with some more weightlifting and an emphasis on athletic precision. The people are NOT exclusive meatheads, as often rumored. In fact, they were super friendly and welcoming (we even did a mini icebreaker at the beginning - how fun is that?!). And as someone who has been exercising regularly since middle school, this is something I am psyched to get more into.

So, basically, look out for WOD Facebook statuses coming to a feed near you...

For the full lowdown, take a quick look at my Q&A with Ocean Crossfit owner Ryan Sherman below!

1.      People have a lot of opinions when it comes to CrossFit. What would you say the biggest misconception people have is? 

The biggest misconception about CrossFit is that people get hurt doing it. The problem is that there’s definitely poor coaching going on at some CrossFit gyms – but that isn’t the norm. I like to describe CrossFit gyms like restaurants. While there are many out there, some are of much higher quality than others. Our gym is a higher quality gym. We have experienced coaches who know what they’re doing and we pride ourselves on putting our athletes through an intensive program. This ensures every member properly learns the movements and techniques and can address any pre-existing injuries. That’s what you need in any gym, but especially a CrossFit one.

2. On that note... what are the top 3 most important things a newcomer should look for in a CrossFit Gym?

1. Coaching. 2. Facility (equipment, cleanliness, space) 3. Community. 

 3. So, can you do a crossfit workout from home? 

The reason you need a gym is because you have expertscoaching you. Coaches, similar to other trainers, can help scale workouts, and teach strategy, technique, etc. Another reason would be the top-notch equipment.  For instance, our gym is outfitted with the same type of equipment that you would find in Ohio State’s Football Facility. You can’t get that at home or even at your standard gym facility.

4.      I’ve been hearing about this “CrossFit Lite” thing – can you explain? 

CrossFit Lite is a high energy 45-minute class, similar to boot camp. It's perfect if you're looking for a non-stop, action-packed workout, without the heavy weightlifting. Each class is different and can include activities like running, body weight movements, kettlebells, wall balls, or box jumps. Each class is coached by one of top notch coaches. 

5.      And just for fun, what’s your favorite CrossFit Workout? 


5 Rounds for Time:                                             

400m Run

30 box Jumps (24”)

30 Wall Ball Shots (#20)


Winter in Montauk

Ask any die-hard New Yorker how they do it and you'll learn the same thing: getting out of the city is just as crucial to one's happiness as living in it is. It sounds counterintuitive and maybe even a little pretentious, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Even on the family-oriented, tree-lined Upper West Side, the city moves fast and the tempo can wear you down. So, while it's certainly possible to create a space for relaxation within the grid, it's much easier to do so outside of it.

Enter: Montauk. 

Amidst the holiday craze and stress of wrapping up year-end items, my boyfriend's family decided a trip out to Montauk was in order. Montauk is the eastern-most point on Long Island. It's the last destination after Amagansett, past all of the Hampton towns, and it's an absolute gem of a homey, untouched beach town.  I happily made my way out there with them the weekend after christmas and spent the entire time relaxing, sleeping and eating.

For anyone looking to take a winter trip out east them self, here were some of the highlights:

Where To Stay: Gurney's Inn & Spa Resort

It isn't often that you stay at a beach resort in the middle of winter, but maybe it should be. Gurney's Inn and Spa Resort in Montauk was heavenly. We stayed in the Quarterdeck cottage with views directly overlooking the beach and the Atlantic. Each room is like it's own hotel room, complete with a tub large enough to fawn over - because, you know, New Yorkers generally don't take baths in their own apartments. For one, tubs in this city are just too damn small. Plus, you just never can be quite sure what's gone down in there. Needless to say, this was not something we had to worry about at Gurney's. On top of it, the resort's spa property is deceivingly large. The massage hall is luxuriously peaceful and unfolds into a number of sauna, steam and "relaxation" rooms. An indoor pool encased in glass is accompanied by a view so decadent and inviting, you may even forget it's not summer.

Where To Eat: Harvest, Joni's Kitchen

I must admit: I'm pretty well-fed. See, I wasn't particularly hungry when we arrived on Friday night, but because Matt and I are nothing short of spoiled, his parents ordered us Lobster Mac n' Cheese from Gurney's top-notch, in-house restaurant. Naturally, I housed it. 'Twas Since we had a kitchen in the cottage, we were also able to indulge in a solid cheese and fruit platter with wine circa midnight. For anyone who knows me, I am a mouse and I was in mouse heaven.  Anyway, on Saturday, we managed to make it out to Joni's Kitchen for lunch. After spending the morning in the spa, Joni's fresh carrot-ginger juice and shrimp tacos hit the spot. In the evening, we headed out to Harvest, a cozy local's hang with sprawling views of the water of every side. The oysters and calamari salad were tremendous and the cocktails were dangerously good (and seriously potent.)

How To Get There: Hampton Jitney

I always prefer trains over any other form of transportation. Not only is this due to being cost-conscious and having a strange affection for public transportation, but I'm also very prone to motion sickness. Therefore, boats, planes and buses don't always agree with me.  That being said, I've got to give it to Hampton Jitney. I caught the jitney from 40th and 3rd ave in a flood of Friday evening holiday traffic. Luckily, that stop (also the last manhattan stop) is right next to the Queens-Midtown tunnel which facilitated a swift and smooth exit. I highly recommend the Jitney so long as you are not traveling precisely at 5:30PM when rush hour is at its peak. Just make sure you buy your ticket ahead of time and reserve a specific bus. If you're feeling fancy, go for the Hampton Jitney's Ambassador service which includes mini wine bottles aboard. Cheers!

NYC's Top 5 Things To Do in January

January in New York. What to do, what do…

I know I may regret saying this (what, with the impending polar vortex sweeping the country and all) but I love New York in the winter. Once fall fades away and the holiday buzz wears off, there’s just something so romantic about the cold, quieter streets of the city. Less tourists. Less parties. Less hustle. It’s as if the tempo has finally slowed down and we are given permission to truly relax. Want to go to sleep at 9PM on a Friday? Everyone else is doing it! Have an urge to start drinking mulled wine at 2PM on Saturday? Well, you’ve got to stay warm somehow! Feel like trading out your gym session for a walk in the snow? Totally works.

For locals and tourists alike, here are my top 5 ways to get your kicks in January in NYC.  

Ride the Subway with No Pants on | January 11th 

In case you’d like to entertain the little kid inside you or exercise your nudist tendencies, January 11th will be the 14th annual No Pants Subway Ride. Yes, this is a real thing – it started in 2002 and has grown into an international celebration of silliness. Subway riders board the train individually, sans pants, simply going about their daily business and acting as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Warning: It’s January. You will freeze your buns off. Second Warning: you may get arrested, as has happened in the past. Luckily, if this does happen you won’t actually be charged. Why? Well, because this is New York and there is absolutely nothing illegal about wearing no pants here (see: The Naked Cowboy). Welcome aboard!

Have Some Hot Cocoa

Let's continue the entertain-the-little-kid-inside-you trend, shall we? Time Out has an entire list of the best hot cocoas in town. And yes/duh, many are spiked. I recently indulged in the salted-caramel, bourbon-spiked hot chocolate from Acme in Noho and ohemgee, it was fucking delicious.  So, when the polar vortex inevitably hits and you’re forced out of your apartment for a meet-up, a meeting, or that thing called work, why not piggyback it with a hot-cocoa date? Pretty sure spiked hot chocolate is what being an adult is really all about. 

Play in the Snow at Winter Jam |January 24th 

New York is renowned for being over the top and naturally this trait applies to our playtime as well. Winter Jam is essentially a once-a-year gauranteed snow day. No, you can't get off from work unfortunately (after all, this is still New York). But you are gauranteed snow and fun. This free winter sports festival takes place in Central Park. With sponsors like Mountain Creek and Red Bull, participants are able to ski, snowboard and snowshoe across a pretty wide spread of faux-snow-filled land - all as long as they sign a waiver. It's a great excuse to get outside and into the park for a change and get some of that aforementioned hot cocoa that's bound to be at one of the vendors.

Head to Jazz Fest | January 8th-10th 

Jazz Fest isn't only for New Orleans. While it may not be as vast of a production, the 11th annual NYC Winter Jazz Fest is no joke. This year's line-up includes Marc Ribot & The Young PhiladelphiansSo PercussionRobert Glasper TrioKneebody + DaedelusStrange and Beautiful: The Music of John Lurie and The Lounge Lizards. Taking place at 10 different venues throughout the city, Jazz Fest is as much of a cultural tour as it music tour.  Tickets and festival passes 

Do Some Drinkin'

In case you were concerned (as opposed to relieved) about the city's declining social scene during wintertime, have no fear/you should know better. On January 31st, you can check out the International Great Beer Tasting which grants you access to over 50 breweries from around the globe and plenty of food vendors for a mere $42-$60, depending on when you buy it. You just may need to factor in the cost of a DD since it's in the meadowlands. If you're more of a wino, I've got good news: January also holds a festival for you and it's IN the city for not one but TWO days. Check out Pinot Days at City Winery (a place which I once raved about here) and snag tickets for $75-$120. And if you don't prefer wine or beer, you must be into bourbon (sorry, Vodka, you're not trendy anymore) in which case you should most definitely hit up Porkapalooza on January 24th down in Chelsea. 

New Year's Resolutions!

The Top 3 Resolutions & How To Keep 'em

New Year’s Resolutions. Even if they aren’t publicly broadcasted over social media, most of us have them. In fact, a whopping 40% of Americans make a resolution around this time of year (for comparison, only 30% watch the Super Bowl). But, how many of us actually end up staying true to our word? According to Forbes, the answer is only 8% of us. In a society geared toward extremist tendencies with an affinity for instant results, it’s not difficult to see why we have so much trouble sticking to our goals.

Below, I’ve taken up 3 of the most common New Year’s Resolutions with traditional advice on how to keep them, versus what really works. Do you have a resolution? Weigh in below!

1. Lose Weight and Get Fit

Traditional Advice: Enroll in a gym membership or hire a personal trainer and go on a serious diet.

What really works: The New Year should be a time we look forward to and embrace. It shouldn't be something we approach with dread and fear of failure. So, instead of aiming so high (and spending so much money) that you end up psyching yourself out within the first month of the New Year, try a different approach.

Working out with a partner is proven to be one of the best motivators for exercise. If you have a roommate or live with a family member, enlist them to join you for just 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Whether that time is spent in the gym with exercise equipment, in your living room with a DVD, or around the block for a jog doesn't really matter. It's just about getting into a healthy and positive routine. Plus, with a partner, you can hold one another accountable and enjoy the perks of social time together. If you don't have anyone to exercise with, just figure out what it is you love to do and do it. Don't worry about what all the fitness magazines tell you. 

As for eating healthfully, let go of the restrictive aspect of dieting and focus, instead, on the fulfilling aspect of being alive. We need nourishment to survive. So focus on what you want to fill yourself with. For instance, instead of telling yourself you're going to stay under 1200 measly calories and avoid carbs like the plague, aim to eat a vegetable at every meal and two servings of fruit a day. You'll be shocked at how much a change in mindset can alter the food choices you make as well.

2. Save Money

Traditional Advice: Don’t spend any! Obliterate any and all unnecessary costs.

What really works: Instead of focusing on not spending money, try focusing on spending it wisely. Carve out the time to sit down, look at your spending habits honestly, identify your triggers and craft a budget. Just like working out, have a friend or significant other get in on the plan with you! Positive reinforcement is huge when it comes to sticking with our goals. When the urge to spend arises, ask yourself if you would rather spend the money on item X (new pair of shoes, a round of $10 drinks) or put the cash aside toward whatever it is you’re saving for (a vacation 6 months from now, the security to leave your job, a new apartment, etc.).

For a few oldies but goodies, check out my posts on how budgeting is just like exercise, and how money CAN buy happiness.

3. Drink Less

Traditional Advice: Don't go out!

What really works: Find your passion! When we find what it is that we love to do, drinking and wasting money on going out takes a natural back-seat to things. For those engaged in the 9-5 grind, few times are as full of ease, inspiration and energy like a glorious, hangover-free Saturday morning is. Whether that free time is spent hiking, painting, going to the local farmer’s market or working on your blog from bed (ahem) is really beside the point. It is simply a matter of granting yourself the time you deserve to enjoy life on your own terms and grow as an individual. The more of this free, easy time that you allow yourself, the more fulfilled you will become. You’ll also weed out the people in your life who add no value while making more room for the ones who do.  So instead of concentrating on not drinking, concentrate on the person you want to become and the life you want to lead. Then, participate in the activities and lifestyle choices that align with your vision. C’mon. You got dis.


What are your New Year's Resolutions? Agree or Disagree with above? Feel free to comment below!