Texas Review's Gordian Review, spring 2017, four poems

Public Pool, fall 2016 two poems

PANK, winter 2016, two poems

Best American Poetry Blog, 2016, two poems; 2017, four poems

NYU Anamesa Journal, spring 2016, one poem

Politics and Poems, spring 2016, one poem

Seventh Wave Magazine, 2015, one poem

The Artist Catalogue, 2014, two poems

Poems have also appeared in print in Hanging Loose Press, VIATOR, Rinky dink press, Indicia and more



Here for a small treasury of essays that transpired from conversations I sought out when I first moved to New York; I spoke with actors, artists, homeless kids, therapists, cops and more. This was before HONY. 



Here and here for those old first essays, some navel-gazing, some inspired...