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Growing up, my mother always told me two things: first, that "God never closes a door without opening a window," and second, "You've got to grab life by the balls." So that's what Tangent Pursuit is all about: opening windows and grabbing balls! Thanks, Mom. You did well.

In my latest quest for world domination and financial success, I have decided to pursue my MFA in poetry at the New School. I expect a large return on investment. What can I say? I'm an optimist. I believe in making the most of our spare time. I believe that when you open yourself to new experiences and opportunities, those very same things begin to open themselves to you. I believe in embracing creativity, practicing a healthy outlook on life and fighting for a more progressive society.

Most importantly, I believe in cheese.

Welcome to Tangent Pursuit.


To view all previous award-winning essays and thought provoking journalism, please see my bio on notable sites such as Thought Catalog and Elite Daily. Poetry listed below:

Best American Poetry Blog, 2016, Two Poems

NYU Anamesa Journal, Spring 2016, One Poem

Rinky Dink Press printed microzine, Spring 2016

Politics and Poems, Spring 2016, One Poem

Seventh Wave Magazine, 2015, One Poem

The Artist Catalogue, 2014, Two Poems


Please feel free to suggest an article topic or ask a question by using the form provided or e-mailing me directly. I'm also happy to help out NYC locals, visitors and newcomers alike by providing personal recommendations.

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